„Let food be your medicine. Let medicine be your food ”

-message was Hippocrates (from the fourth century BC) which is considered the father of medicine.

Apitherapy is most easily defined as the use of bee products for prevention ( treatment or recovery from illness of individuals, ie. one or more health disorders).
The origin of the word is also easily explained. The word api comes from the Latin word as a kind of bee, Apis Mellifera, and the word therapy is of French origin and means a way of proceeding with the people or animals suffering from various diseases.
The word stop or prevent disease means:
– To destroy potential pathogens before they enter the body and cause illness or
– Stimulate the body’s own defense mechanisms to destroy pathogens that have penetrated into it before the onset of clinical symptoms caused by these pathogens.

Nutritional and medicinal properties of honey


Of all the food used for human consumption, honey, thanks to a harmonious relationship of various components and their complex action, stand out as the most important biologically – to stimulate the performance of almost all functions of the human body, including the secretion of toxic substances. When it is known that honey has a bactericidal property, it is clear why it is indispensable as food and medicine – for children and adults, the elderly and infirm, those who are exposed to extreme physical and mental effort, for healthy and sick.
Nutritional and medicinal value of honey is reflected in the fact that it is easy to digest and it contains enzymes that promote digestion. Entered into the stomach, rapidly dissolves dospevajući the lymphatic system, and from there passes into the blood and tissues, thereby demonstrating its nutritional and medicinal properties.
Honey contains large amounts of physiologically active substances, and is therefore used as a tool in a variety of therapeutic purposes. Honey acts as a soothing agent, prevents the increase in fat and cholesterol in the blood, digestive diseases, kidney disease, anemia and many other diseases.


Nutritional and medicinal properties of pollen

Pollen or flower powder with specific application in the treatment of prostate cancer, even in extremely severe chronic cases. Pollen improves fertility and reduces blood cholesterol levels. Positive effect on improving blood circulation to the brain, so it is recommended for people under great mental and physical efforts. Pollen is a protein for its exceptional composition used as a natural remedy for liver regeneration. There are also widely used in cosmetics.

The use of pollen
Pollen can be used submerged in water, milk or tea. It is best to use freshly ground and pollen mixed with honey, because it is in this case improves the taste and complements the beneficial effect.


Healing properties of propolis

Because of its valuable medicinal properties of propolis has been widely developed in the First National, and in general medicine. It is used in the treatment of vascular disease, asthma, ulcers in the stomach and duodenum, gastritis and inflammation of mouth and throat. Propolis as a healing tool successfully used in the treatment of various skin conditions such as burns, eczema, warts, and hemorrhoids, and also stimulates tissue regeneration.

The use of propolis
Propolis is used mostly dissolved in ethyl alcohol solution or in oil. It can be used in fresh, original condition.


Healing properties of royal jelly

Royal jelly is a miracle food that stimulates growth, restores strength, regenerates the body and regulates metabolism. Positive effect on many diseases, especially the significant effects in boosting immunity and improving blood. Royal jelly accelerates the recovery of convalescents, and improves the condition of Parkinson’s disease. It regulates blood sugar levels in diabetics. Royal jelly also influences the regeneration of cells because they supply goods that are eventually lost. Due to their extremely valuable protein composition, royal jelly is very good for children because it stimulates growth and development, strengthens the immune system and especially the young organism. Royal jelly is the best companion for a long and healthy life.

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