Depending on climate, in the case of bee pollination quality, yield of pears and apples by up to 12 times, raspberries, blackberries and cherries 10 to 12, 10 cherry, almond and plum pollinated 8, 5 to 14 blueberries, sunflower and citrus fruit 2 3 to 4 times. The yield of apricots, peaches and plums inbred to increase to 30%.
Bees readily visit flowers of fruit trees. The exception is the pear, whose blossoms secrete amine odor, so they are reluctant to campaigns. Therefore, for high-quality pollination required acres of pears even 6-8 bee colonies. Per hectare triploid pollinated varieties of apples and plums are enough 3-4 hives, and only two inbred plums. Diploid apples per hectare should settle 2-3 hives. So far samobesplodnih cherries require 4-6 hives, and berries 5-10. As the cherry blossom floral poorer powder, it is 8 hives. Hectare of sunflower meets at least 1-2 boards. In the U.S. fruit growers to pay beekeepers moves his bees in orchards (the last year for almond paid up to $ 250 per hive, compared to 30-60 of the former, because now there are not enough bees – note the author). In addition to such benefits, beekeepers and generate a solid income from honey and pollen collected. With acres of raspberries bees collect 96 kg of honey, wild strawberries, even 106, 47 blueberries, apples, 10-47, 20-30 pears and sunflower 20-40 kg of honey.
MD Rodoljub Živadinović
(Text published in 1999. In the one of professional journal for plant protection in Serbia PLANT DOCTOR, published by Faculty of Agriculture in Novi Sad)

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